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Over the next few weeks we will be recruiting for the programme across the following areas:



& Carrick

If you would like to take part get in contact with us today


Project Aims

What we are going to do!


Deliver the programme to a minimum of 66 young people aged 16-24 years old from across the Borough of Mid and East Antrim


66 young people participating in the programme for at least 26 hours.


Develop a programme which promotes active citizenship and develops positive community leaders for the future.


Develop a programme for the promotion of civic leadership.


Develop Youth Forums centred in the towns of Ballymena, Carrickfergus and Larne to give young people in the area a local voice and an opportunity to become involved in decision making processes and issues relevant to young people.


These Youth Forums will meet individually or collectively on a regular basis and will also nominate representatives to form an over-arching Youth Forum for the entire Mid and East Antrim Borough Council area.


Develop methods of measuring the achievement of the programmes desired outputs.


A peace and reconciliation ethos are integral to the project

Supporting Groups


We are looking forward to being part of the Mid & East Antrim Young Leaders Peace IV Programme. 
We look forward to working with Copius to deliver the programme, if successful, across the Carrickfergus area.
Our young people are passionate about building new relationships, and learning the skills to become the next generation of our leadership.
It is vital that areas such as Sunnylands can be represented on these types of programmes and the legacy will be felt for years to come amongst our young people.

Sunnylands & Woodburn Community Development Group